It’s all in the name.
Ever had to create glitch effects in
video? Well this is the tool to do it. ByteF*cker f*cks bytes up, It
corrupts the data so when used on a video file the result will be broken video that looks messed up. It doesn’t fake it by processing the video and trying to replicate the effects, it just messes up the data to produce a genuine result.

How to use:
1. Drag and Drop a file on the ByteFucker.js file.
2. Three resulting files will be generated with varying corruption.
3. Choose the one you like. Perhaps run the new file again for more corruption. Use different compression on the sourcefile to vary the result.

Fast cheap and easy to use, try this before you buy an expensive plugin.
Upon purchase you will get one .exe and a .js file. Drag'n'drop is easiest
but the exe can be used from the commandline if desired. Supports all
filetypes. But Windows is a requirement!

You'll get 1 ZIP

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